About us

Party Reizen B.V.

From A to B, and from a to z! 

As the organizer, you would like to be involved with everything that takes place at and around your event. Within your world, you are at your best. We, on the other hand, are at our best with the logistics of bringing people to your world. We provide a smooth and organized flow of audience members, crew members, artists and special guests to your event!

Full Transport Services

In 2007, we started transporting guests from across the Netherlands to events throughout the country. We are able to guarantee the lowest price because of our broad network of distinctive buses.

In 2011, we expanded our services to include professional shuttle services from Central Stations, transfer stations, and a flexible selection of other locations. Services include ticket sales on site, and a quicker and safer boarding process for guests.

In 2013, we launched our online ticket sales, which provides insight into guest numbers for organizers such as you. We also expanded our activities to include mobility plans and parking assistance, including a parking module that makes your job and ours much easier!

Worry-Free Partnership

The success of our services relies on thorough preparation, especially when transporting large numbers of people in a short period of time. Hitches in the guest stream can result in difficult situations. In order to prevent such a scenario, we manage every detail of every project.

From the start, your event is assigned to a single dedicated Project Manager. Depending on ticket sales, we set up a plan and determine the optimal route for nationwide transportation or a shuttle service. We inspect potential bottlenecks and avoid them to guarantee clear passage. We also set up rendezvous points for larger groups to avoid safety concerns.

We work with qualified, reliable and service-focused personnel exclusively, from parking and boarding agents to ticket sellers. After every event, we present sales results, followed by an evaluation of potential improvements for future projects.

Shuttle Services

Our shuttle services guarantee a quick and steady flow of guests between your event and the Central Station, transfer station, or location of your choice. We have access to more than 80 buses with a capacity of 120 people per vehicle - enough to transport thousands of guests. The music played on board guarantees happy passengers. We offer more than just the deployment of buses: our added-value lies in the unique extras which truly makes our service all-inclusive.

Traffic Plan

In partnership with a major player in the infrastructure and mobility sector, we will set up a customized mobility plan for your event. We take the responsibility for every traffic measure and facility plan related to your event off your hands. From signs, road blocks and detours, to experienced traffic controllers and boarding agents.

Parking Staff and Ticket Sellers

In order to keep the guest stream flowing steadily, we rely on top class parking agents and ticket sellers. We can even set up cash registers to perform our work quickly and recognizably, which is an extra service sure to have a positive effect on guest satisfaction.

Nationwide Transport

Have you sold many tickets from a specific city and is shuttle service not an option? We offer a solution with nationwide transport. We provide transportation to your event from boarding venues throughout the Netherlands. This can be arranged for any required capacity and location of departure, because our buses are located throughout the country. As a result, we can offer the lowest possible price, and your guests will have more money to spend at your event.

Private parties can also call on us for nationwide transport. We will make it as attractive as possible for them to travel to your event with our bus. The advantage for you is that the guest stream is easier to manage, and also provides better insight into the number of guests attending.

Online Ticket Sales offers your guests an accessible and easy option to buy bus and parking tickets for your specific event, and provides your event with its own status on the website. These e-tickets with QR-code are checked on site with unique scanners operating on a Blackbox-system, online server, or wifi hotspot. We scan both paper and digital tickets. The online service system also allows us to sell tickets until the last possible moment, even on Sundays.

Online Parking Module

At every event, a number of parking spots is available for those who require access behind the scenes and backstage, including everyone from crew and delivery personnel to artists and VIPs. The assignment of these coveted spots can be quite labour intensive, as it is usually impossible to please everyone. For this reason, we developed a unique online parking module in 2014. It helps us make sure every request is clearly filed, so it can be easily managed.

After you register the number of available parking spots, you can monitor requests and distribute the necessary tickets with a click of your mouse. You can even print a map with direction on the tickets for crew members. With this online module, you can also print parking tickets for groups who organize their own bus transport. This will give you even more information on which to base crowd management!