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"Do you feel like you've lost your way? We'll bring you home safe and sound"

Have you had enough of waiting for public transport, and the expense of train tickets? Is it always a struggle to decide who the designated driver is before heading to a party? Take a trip with Partyreizen goes to the best parties, festivals, and discos at home and abroad. In luxury coaches and joined by a crowd of people, we are off to your party! Our trips are the cheaper alternative to public transport, and you can soon meet many people from your neighbourhood. Music or video on the bus trip is in tune with the party you are attending. You can also bring your own music. The party starts on the bus!


Most of our bus trips go to the biggest dance parties and festivals in the Benelux. If a bus trip to your party not included on the list, please send us an email to ask about your options. We will find out on your behalf if there is enough interest for that party or disco. If there is, we will organize a trip. In other words, you decide which parties Partyreizen goes to.


Our coaches provide all necessary facilities, such as restrooms, air-conditioning/heating and a stereo/video installation. An agent from Partyreizen is always on board and available to answer your questions.

The Trip

New to PARTY Reizen?

Is this your first time, and do you not have a Facebook account? Your one-time registration guarantees that you can book your tickets securely and easily with PARTY Reizen.

Note: If you sign up through Facebook, make sure your account is linked to your current email address. Tickets are always sent to the email address linked to your account!

Boarding Venue

All boarding venues are subject to change based on sufficient participation. In case of insufficient participation, a boarding venue might be cancelled. We will contact you to discuss a new location. You also have the option to cancel your trip free of charge in this case.

Departure Time

Choose your preferred departure venue. Boarding venues are subject to change. Monitor your email 24 hours prior to the event for possible changes to boarding venues and times. Experience has taught us that we arrive at the party at the hour preferred by most passengers. Usually this is at most one hour after the start of the party. 

Departure for the return trip is always half an hour after the party.

Note: Bus seating and departure times are subject to change. Make sure to double-check our website one day before departure! 

Note: If you are late, you will miss out!
Make sure you are on time for the bus. This means arriving 15 minutes prior to departure, and being available for the return trip at the agreed time. The chauffeur leaves exactly on time! 

Required Documents

You must bring your ID card with you to parties both in the Netherlands and abroad, and it is wise to keep it with you. Partyreizen does not have a strict age limit and ages will not be verified. We do conform to the age limit determined by the company, and consider the person who books the tickets responsible for observing it.

Before Departure

We request that you arrive at the boarding venue 15 minutes before departure. If you are delayed, please let us know immediately. In exceptional cases, the coach might wait a short while. If you decide to cancel at the last moment, we would appreciate you letting us know. Refunds are not possible.

During the Trip


Smoking on the bus is illegal (on grounds of the Dutch Passenger Transport Act of January 1, 2004). Every passenger must abide by this law, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you do not adhere to this rule, you might be issued a steep fine. This fine must be paid by the smoker personally. Smoke breaks can be arranged on request, and the chauffeur will pull over at a parking lot or petrol station.


During the trip, we provide music or video. Under certain conditions, you are welcome to play your own music or dvd. This must be discussed with the chauffeur, host or hostess, and fellow passengers.

On Arrival

Remember your bus number and the name of your bus company so you can easily find it. The bus usually remains parked at the same location, or else the chauffeur will try to return as closely to that location as possible. If the bus waits at the party, you may leave your personal effects in the bus. However, do this at your own risk! Partyreizen cannot be held accountable for any possible theft or loss of personal effects.

Return Trip

After the end of the party, the bus is available for the return trip. The bus is not accessible before the end of the party. The bus leaves at most 30 minutes after the end of the event.